Dynamic Brands SAPI de CV is a newly formed company in Mexico with the vision of becoming a major player in the Mexican and Latin American cannabis industry. 

Dynamic Brands aims to be one of the first companies in Mexico to legally offer cannabis derived products, mostly focused on CBD items.

We believe that the incredible health benefits of high-quality CBD are far too beneficial to be limited in any way and should be available to all.

Dynamic Brands is a founding member of GPIC, an important Cannabis Promoter Group in Mexico, along with some of the top companies in the cannabis industry.

Grupo Promotor de la Industria de Cannabis (GPIC) represents more than 25 companies, academic and scientific institutes and national and international investors involved and interested in the cannabis industry in Mexico.

The members of the group have positioned themselves as the main information resource of the country to develop an equitable market in which competition is privileged among players that meet quality standards and regulate a market that guarantees the quality and safety of the products to be sold/marketed.